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12 agosto 2020 By Bravo Java

Loafers: the most stylish and comfortable shoe of 2020

Learn about loafer shoes for men and women, and discover how Bravo Java shoe shop is crafting quality pairs while staying true to their values.
12 agosto 2020 By Bravo Java

Trainers: the most comfortable trend of the season

Discover fashion’s most comfortable trend yet: activewear you can add to any look. Browse Bravo Java’s online shoe store to find your perfect...
12 agosto 2020 By Bravo Java

The espadrille: Spain’s summer footwear icon

Whether you’re looking for men’s casual shoes or a beach-style summer shoe for women, Spain’s classic espadrille is the answer.
11 agosto 2020 By Bravo Java

Bravo Java: The Spanish shoemaker to the stars

Discover how Bravo Java changed Spain's way of shopping for shoes, and how the third generation of shoe experts continue the legacy today.
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