The new trend for Men’s Oxford shoes and Derby styles

Posted By: Bravo Java On: lunes, septiembre 28, 2020

Learn about Oxfords, Derbies, and other lace-up men’s shoes to discover why these options have stayed on-trend through the centuries.

Lace-up men’s shoe styles provide a traditional way to tie any outfit together. Styles like Oxford and Derby shoes always seem to be trending, offering a versatile way to stay fashionable for both casual and business settings. This is a shoe you can throw on without thinking twice. It will elevate any look whether you’re heading to an important meeting or grabbing a coffee with friends.


Both Oxford and Derby shoes have long histories in the fashion world, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Bravo Java incorporates the values of quality, comfort, and elegance into every pair, offering you a timeless piece of footwear crafted just for your feet. Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in men’s lace-up footwear.


Men’s Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes emerged from the Oxonian, a shoe that became popular at Oxford University at the start of the 1800s. These lace-up shoes strayed away from the traditional formal boots of the era, offering a staple piece that would last through the following centuries. Oxford shoes are a breathable shoe men can sport for both work and leisure. Just lace them up and head out on the town, letting your fashion sense speak for itself.


Our brown leather Oxfords are an asset for an occasion. This smart shoe will add an air of refinement to any look, elevating your style from the ground up. Browse our wide range of Oxford shoes to see why this style stays on-trend year after year.


Men’s Derby shoes

 Later on in the 1870s, the Derby shoe was declared an upgrade to the Oxford. Tabs on the shoe add protection to the top of the foot. Back then, this was important as the shoe was initially developed for soldiers. Now it is a matter of style preference, as Derby shoes and Oxfords both come in styles to suit any man’s fashion needs.


Bravo Java’s leather derby shoes are a fantastic example of this traditional style, while the orange laces give them a modern pop of colour. This pair offers durable comfort that stands the test of time. If you’ve never tried Derby shoes, our selection will convert you into a believer.


Countless colours and materials

 From leather to suede, and classic brown men’s Oxford shoes to bold, colourful lace-up shoes, Bravo Java offers a style to fit any man’s wardrobe. Browse our traditional pairs for a nice everyday shoe, or go bold with shoes like our blue suede lace-up shoes. We also offer options with intricate leather detailing, like this tan leather brogue design.


Adventurous options

The great thing about men’s lace-up shoes is that they are incredibly versatile. However, if you seek a shoe that will survive any type of terrain, you may prefer options like our Gore-Tex Derby shoes. This pair is not only stylish, but its durability will keep your feet protected even if you live a more rugged lifestyle.


Bravo Java lace-up men’s shoes

 At Bravo Java, our values of comfort, quality, and elegance go into each pair of men’s Oxford shoes and Derby styles. We believe men’s shoes should be built with comfortable, sturdy materials that add an air of sophistication to their wardrobe. Throw on a pair of our lace-up shoes and hit the road, knowing you’ll look smart for any occasion.


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